Libraries in pop culture: songs about libraries and librarians

Songs about libraries and librarians abound – some of them are great, and some are just terrible. Some of them might have been good when they first came out, but haven’t aged well!

In 2006 a band from New Zealand called Haunted Love released a song ‘Librarian’. This was so popular at the time that my large university library had it showing on a loop on the video screens!

80’s band Tears for Fears set their video clip for ‘Head Over Heels’ in a library, although the song doesn’t reference libraries specifically. The random arrival of a keyboard on the reference desk a bit strange, but those kind of things happened in 80’s pop music.

American rock band My Morning Jacket have a song called ‘Librarian’, about falling for a librarian (who is, of course, a woman with glasses).

Can anyone point to songs that feature librarians that are not women with glasses?

Some lists of library-related songs:

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    • Thanks for the example Glenn! Justine Clarke is a popular entertainer and actress in Australia, and here she’s singing a song to children about libraries. It’s a catchy song, but I can’t quite condone the line “Just one rule: you can’t make a noise”. That doesn’t match my experience of children’s libraries at all!

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