Are you going to the IFLA WLIC in Cape Town?

Photo: 'Lego Family' CC-BY  the Great 8

Photo: ‘Lego Family’ CC-BY the Great 8

Are you going to be attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Cape Town, South Africa this August?

Would you like to meet other members of the global International Librarians Network (ILN) community?

We are seeking volunteers to organise a meet-up at the IFLA WLIC in August 2015. Sadly none of the ILN Directors can attend the IFLA Congress this year, however we know how much our participants enjoy the opportunity to meet each other in real life, so we are trying to create an opportunity to meet from afar.

If you will be attending the congress and are willing to help organise a meet-up, please email us at

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