Proving our worth: how will you do it?

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at different ways you can measure and articulate the value of your library. We’ve talked a bit about statistics and numbers, considered whether we can or should use a return on investment model, and looked at a few ways we can talk to other people about our libraries.

It’s important to remember that the value of libraries isn’t obvious to everyone. While we are obviously convinced that libraries provide fantastic services and valuable resources to communities, we have to recognise that funders and decision makers often have competing priorities. As individuals, we need to advocate for our libraries and our profession, and we need to do so based on evidence of impact and benefit. We shouldn’t leave this until the moment when someone is threatening to close us down; we should be doing this at all times.

Using metrics and measurement helps you determine the performance of your library, and helps drive improvement. When our libraries perform well, it’s easier to tell success stories, which helps individual libraries and the profession as a whole.

So the big question at the end of this topic is, what will you do to prove the worth of your library?

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    Certainly this is true to the fact that many times funding to libraries meet stiff competition with other activities especially in academic institutions. It is like refusind OLD men when all SOLDIERS have been wiped out in a war. Information is power and therefore libraries are at the forefront of providing it to the communities.

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