Volunteer with us: call for Country Ambassadors

Photo: 'Hand Up' CC-BY Boris Lechaftois

Photo: ‘Hand Up’ CC-BY Boris Lechaftois

Have you been a participant in the ILN Program? Do you want to extend your international network further and help us at the same time? How about joining us as an ILN Country Ambassador? Country Ambassadors (CA) are our volunteers on the ground around the world. We currently have a lively and active community of CAs from a diverse range of countries and we believe it’s a rewarding and fulfilling professional development activity. However, you don’t have to just take our word for it – we asked our current CAs for their thoughts to share with you:

  • Be connected to a world of enthusiastic librarians!
  • The ILN has given me a wonderful opportunity to not only develop my own international network, which I cherish, but also observe and encourage others to take part.  It is also brilliant to connect with other Country Ambassadors and welcoming new Ambassadors to the team. One of the best things is that it is a very defined and manageable role due to the planning, support and guidance provided by the ILN Directors.
  • I like Ambassador responsibility for my country, because I’m promoting [ILN] by sharing with other colleagues in my country the opportunity to participate and live the experiences that we can offer other colleagues from around the world
  • For me, being a CA, is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, exchange knowledge and experiences, and develop myself professionally

We expect that CAs will have a good understanding of the professional networks in their country, and we ask them to use this network to recruit participants to the program. So far the ILN has attracted participants from more than 110 countries and our CAs are a large part of that success. We also expect CAs to contribute to the website and online discussions. If you are interested in volunteering with us, first have a look to see if we already have a CA for your country. We will consider having more than one CA in some countries, so please come forward even if we already have someone on our website. Find out more about what is involved in the position, including an estimated time commitment and how to put in an expression of interest. After having a look at the information page, we would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have, just send us an email.

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