Library Postcard: Anita from Auckland New Zealand

Today’s Library postcard was sent to us by Anita Vandenberghe from Saint Kentigern College, a school library in Auckland New Zealand:

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Here some photos of my favourite spots in our library. It’s usually a very busy library but to protect the privacy of our students I’ve taken photos after school.

Our library is in transition from being a conservative library to becoming an Open Learning Space. 3 years ago we started culling 25 % of our physical collection freeing up space and getting rid of 3 large shelving bays. The furniture was rearranged into Teaching & Learning pockets; creating areas for individuals, groups and classes. We want our library to be a welcoming place. A place of discovery, research, excitement and collaboration. And it works!

Thank you for sharing your library with us Anita! If you would like to send us a postcard from library, email us a photo and a short paragraph about your library.


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  1. Your transition sounds quite liberating. Rather than insisting on certain (traditional) models of learner behaviour, you’re showing how welcoming the library is…and that you understand the rapidly changing needs of the 21st century student. I bet you’re enjoying working there and hopefully the students will appreciate your efforts.

    • Yes we love our library and our students really enjoy the space. Around 60 students visit the library at morning tea and around 120 students each lunchtime. They come in voluntarily and …sun or rain…feel free to relax, study or do their research. Classes can be booked via an online booking system and individuals and groups make good use of the different parts of the library.
      We receive lots of compliments from teachers as well. It’s a great working environment.

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