#FavouriteFeature: Lisa Miller from the Gold Coast, Australia

Today’s post comes from the ILN’s Social Media Coordinator, Lisa Miller, who’s library has a very special location:


I work in a public library service that has 13 branch libraries and a mobile library. Some of our libraries are less than 2 years old – beautiful new architectural buildings, and others are older and operate on a part time basis. Usually I would work from our Council Administration building but for the past 2 weeks I have been involved in project work from a meeting room in one of our part time libraries.
The real bonus is that this library is about 150 meters from the beach and I have been able to enjoy a lunch time walk on the sand.
As you can see from the photo it is still summer here in Queensland. In fact we are watching the weather up in the north of our state as another cyclone appears to be forming. For us on the Gold Coast that will probably mean strong winds (good for the surfers) and heavy rain.  For the moment though, the view is beautiful.

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