#FavouriteFeature: María García-Puente from Spain

Today’s post, and this lovely picture comes from María García-Puente the ILN Ambassador for Spain:


I’m working in a hospital library. This hospital is specialized in mental health and is located in the countryside. The library is not very large and we have almost everything online. But I can say I have the most beautiful views from my window. I can see the trees, sometimes lambs and horses. This place, where my library is located, is very humid and it’s raining almost everyday. That is good because is always green.

Sometimes, if I feel stressed, I go out for a walk. Just 10 minutes listening the birds and breathing this pure air are perfect to feel good again and come back to work.
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  1. Beautiful, Maria, it seems like you have as many rains as we have in Brittany. Maybe we could build a parallel network : “The Celtic Nation librarians”, or “The Rainy Areas librarians” ? 🙂 Manuel

  2. I’m working in a hospital library. This hospital is 301 beds University and is in the countryside [http://www.hospital-ribera.com/], in a small town Alzira Valencia. In the area between orange. The library is not very big and we have almost everything online, Online Public Access Catalogue and blog library. [ https://bibliotecavirtualribera.wordpress.com/%5D Now shortly, next week we have the great festivals of Valencia, Las fallas. [Las Fallas is Valencia’s most international festival. In the week of 19 March, the city fills with gigantic cardboard monuments, called *ninots*, for a competition that is marked by art, ingenuity and good taste.]

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