#FavouriteFeature: Clare McKenzie from Sydney, Australia

Today’s favourite feature post comes from the ILN’s Director of Communications, Clare McKenzie:

I love the rush and buzz of O-Week at the university where I work.

February is the end of the long summer holidays for our students and they have been off campus now for nearly 4 months. When they first leave after exams in November I’m always really happy to have the peace and quiet, the short queues for coffee and food and a seat on the bus in the afternoon.

However, by mid January I’m usually missing the excitement that comes with having students around selling cakes outside the library to raise money for a good cause, protesting about the politics of higher education or building model cars in the courtyard as part of an engineering project.

O-Week is the week before semester starts and on a busy day we can have 30,000 people on campus as students pour in to enjoy the festivities before the hard work starts. It’s crowded and noisy, but they are having so much fun it’s contagious and I can’t help but enjoy it too. Even if the wait in the coffee queue is much longer now.


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  2. My nephew who is at UNSW is one of those buzzing around the car I believe you mentioned that UNSW’s Redback Racing builds every year for the Melbourne Formula SAE competition. He’s been doing this these last two years in the midst of his Engineering studies there and loving it. Yes it’s a very vibrant University, lucky you.

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