#FavouriteFeature: Dorja Mucnjak from Croatia

Today’s #FavouriteFeature post comes from the ILN Ambassador for Croatia, Dorja Mucnjak:

When we were asked to write something about our favourite parts of working in the Library, I immediately asked myself what really marks my days at the office. Books, patrons, computers? No. Well, yes, but the one thing I would point out is not actually a thing but a person. My officemate. Goga. When I arrive at the office, she is usually already there. She is, I should say, more punctual than me. Immidately after that follow few minutes of obligatory mutual report on what was going on since we last saw each other.

After those much needed moments, work! I work at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Library, University of Zagreb. Currently, I’m working on designing ILS student internship program. Every year the Library is a host for approximately 60 ILS students reaching for their first experience in library working environment. Sixty students hungry for working skills and with great curiosity are not easy to handle. Every of 30 librarians will be mentoring 2 students a year. Besides, interns will be required to work some time on information desk and will have  to participate in Library’s Practical Day, a series of workshops on Library management, document delivery, e-resurces, periodicals and cataloging in KOHA, the library softwer we use.

goga When I need a break, I gladly listen to Goga telling stories about her passionate love for metal/rock bands. She’s not just librarian, she is a metal festival reporter, interviewing famous bands and travelling to largest metal fests. Not only that she loves metal bands, she also speaks Finnish, language of a European country where the density of metal lovers is probably the highest one in Europe. And everybody who is even vaguely familiar with languages knows that Finnish is one of the most complicated language in Europe. It has 15 cases! She practices her Finnish by listening Radio Rock. I, on the other hand, despite the fact that I listen to same radio station every day, I haven’t learned a single Finnish word. Motivation 1 : Dorja 0!

The Library is the largest faculty library in Croatia. We have more than 600.000 copies, 7 floors, 8000 square meters, 50 staff members, 7000 active users. We also have 23 books from sixteen and seventeen centuries, the oldest one being from 1565. The Library is an amalgam of former departmental libraries. The oldest one was the Library of Institute of Slavic Languages dated form 1886. We are the leading library in humanities and in several social sciences fileds (LIS, sociology, psychology, educational studies).

Just before Goga heads for home (as I said, she is more punctual than me) I look at her perfectly manicured nails. She continues to dazzle me with her gogini lakoviimaginative choise of nail colors – from bright to dark, from glitter to matte. Not to sound too perfect, we have our disputes, of course. Or, should I say, a dispute. The only thing we constantly nag each other is about office climate. She enjoys worm temperatures, and I care for light breeze. She constantly tries to close the windows and I continue to open them. But, this being the only thing we argue about I can say that we really get along.  And I really appriciate that.


After all, she is the one I spend most of my days with!


Dorja Mucnjak


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