#FavouriteFeature: Kate Byrne from Sydney, Australia

Today’s post comes from ILN’s Director of Technical Operations, Kate Byrne:


In my day job, I work in a big library but really I work in an office – which is a perfectly good office, but is, just an office. So instead I thought I would share with you my #favouritefeature from my ‘other workplace’ where I do all my work for the ILN.

For my ILN job, I’m lucky enough to have a lovely light filled study in my home. It has a window that faces out over my back garden and across the valley behind us. I love this window and love sitting there in the cool evening air as the sun sets. The tree you can see in this picture is a kind of tree called a Ghost Gum. Every year it sheds a layer of outer bark and revels inner bark that is creamy white. It reflects the dying light of the day in the most beautiful ways. IMG_6669

I’m also a keen DIY-er (that’s Do-It-Yourself) and so I wanted to share two other #favouritefeatures from this room. They are the bookshelves I built to hold our favourite books (each one is a friend) and the lampshade I just finished ‘renovating’ by updating it with this funky fabric from Ikea.

Working in and on this space inspires me – I feel so lucky to have ‘a room of one’s own’ in which to work and dream.


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