A day in the life in Spain: Guest post from Maria Garcia-Puente

Today’s guest post is a day in the life post from our Country Coordinator for Spain, Maria Garcia-Puente:

I’m working part time in an especialized library. And part of this “part time” I’m working from my home: I’m something like a “tele-librarian”. My library is in a hospital and my users work at this hospital and in other health centers in the city. I have a small printed-book collection, but the biggest collection is on the internet: e-books and journals. This is the reason I can work remotely.

How is one of my regular day at the library? I usually wake up at 6:30 because I need to commute to get to the library and I need about 1 hour. I start working at 8:00am. First of all, I check the e-mail. Then, I check if I have any request of a printed book or an old number of a journal (we have a deposit with the old collection). If so, I prepare the lending to send to the user. The patron has to complete a paper form or a web form. I keep all the data in a software. This very software allows me to know if other library is asking me for an article. If so, I look for it and send it through the interlibrary loan module.

I have a coffee break at 11:00h. I always have a coffee and something to eat with the other people working in the same floor. I’m a solo librarian, so this is a good time for me. At 11:30h I come back to work.

Sometimes, someone ask me for a literature search about something related with their job. My patrons are psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses specializing in mental health. We usually have an interview so I can understand what they’re really looking for so I can give them the best results. Depending of the difficult of the question, I can spend 1 hour or more looking for the right answer. Sometimes I only need 30min. Then, I prepare the bibliography and send it to my user.

If someone gave me back some books, I put them in the shelves. Sometimes I have to do some training to my users, so I have to prepare it.

E-mail, interlibrary loan, literature search… Depending of the month, I need to check for the statistics of use of the collection, or I have to think about the budget, look for the researches of my institution to complete the annual report, etc.

My job keeps me busy. And I like it.

At 3pm ends my workday. So I usually have lunch at 4pm. I think this is the only thing I don’t like from my job 😉 I get hungry!! But I have a really good view from my window. When I feel stressed I only have to look outside

Spain view Spain view2

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  1. Gracias, Maria, for sharing and for the beautiful views on the skies of spain ! It must not be easy to work alone every day, and your example shows there are so many ways and places to work as a librarian.

  2. Very interesting your workday colleague, I will tell you as Spending a day at the National Medical Library of Cuba

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