A Day in the Life in South Africa: a guest post from Karen Du Toit

Today’s guest post is a day in the life post from our Country Coordinator for South Africa, Karen Du Toit:
First day back at work: 2015
Karen du Toit, Archivist at the SABC Radio Archives in South Africa
ILN South Africa Coordinator
I only started working on 12 January this year! I can recommend it greatly to help with easing into a new year with new challenges and possibilities.
The passage to my office and my office looked very inviting on Monday. I am looking forward to the new year again! 
(Off time really does help in getting a bit of perspective!)
I had emails that kept me busy for most of the morning, but it also felt good ticking it off. There were a few programme and sound queries to attend to as well which kept me busy for the rest of the day. An Afrikaans writer wanted his own book reading on CD; a programme producer wanted all the programmes from a specific Afrikaans poet reading his own poems; and I could redirect a query about Springbok Radio to the new Springbok Radio Archivist.
The only negative was that my electronic scheduling of the radio programmes was not completed. There must have been a blackout (which is happening quite often here in South Africa) and most of my scheduling for two weeks was halted. (attach photo of Sonifex Netlog Scheduler) 
The scheduling is still busy running on the second day back at work…
But I could start with cataloguing of new radio programmes that came in while I was away! 
Of course I selected my most favourite programmes first, such as short story readings and poetry programmes from the Afrikaans Radio Station RSG…
I also had a meeting with a television archivist who is moving to the regions to become a radio archivist. I used to be a television news archivist as well, and hopefully I could give her a few pointers when she starts in her new job. 
And of course I did a blog post on the SABC Media Libraries blog about the applications opening for the new round of the International Librarians Network… (http://sabcmedialib.blogspot.com/2015/01/librarians-connect-for-free-with.html) I have signed up again and looking forward in connecting with a new international partner!
2015 is back in full swing! 

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Thank you very much for sharing your day with us Karen!
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