Guest post: ENLID

Today we have a guest post from Asmaa Hussein  Mohamed from Alexandria University in Egypt, describing a local library network.

Egyptian network  of Library & Information Science departments (ENLID )

The Egyptian network of library and information science  departments (ENLID)  is a  volunteering work established  by post-graduate students of Alexandria University library and information science  department ,under the supervision of Dr.A.z.el-Ramady, the associate professor at this department. [Editor’s note: also our ILN Country Coordinator for Egypt!]

This network is a cooperation link between LIS Egyptian departments ,to support academic cooperation and introduce specialized information through the internet.

Vision, mission, and goals:


The network vision is as follows:

1- To achieve  an effective cooperation between the members of LIS Egyptian departments, thus between these departments and Arab LIS departments .

2-To encourage students build innovative communication ways and information service provision.

3.To build scientific relationship between faculty members of the Egyptian LIS departments ,in order to help develop education and research at these departments.

Mission :

The mission of this network is :

1- To emphasize the importance of the academic communication ,and its role in the development of LIS specialization.

2-To Support and encourage the innovation in LIS  education and research in Egypt and the Arab world.

3-To spread the spirit of cooperation between LIS departments members  in Egypt.


The network aims to achieve the following:

1- To publish the latest news about Egyptian LIS departments.

2- To  prepare and publish a bibliography of the LIS Egyptian faculty research papers.

3- To achieve scientific cooperation between all members(faculty, faculty assistants,and students )of LIS Egyptian departments.

To find out more information, please visit the network page on the following link : 


Dr. Asmaa Hussein  Mohamed ,PhD,

LIS department, Alexandria University ,Egypt.


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  1. Thank you Dr Asmaa a very informative read. I especially feel that linking information professionals and what they have to offer to the wider academic community is highly beneficial.

  2. Hi Hiba, one of the things we love the most about this program is finding out that there are so many more similarities than differences between library services around the globe! Thanks for joining in.

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