Guest Post: Spain, Scandinavia, Australia and Jordan – what’s the common link?

Encyclopedia pages showing world flags CC by Horia Valan

Encyclopedia pages showing world flags CC by Horia Valan

Today’s guest post comes to us from the ILN’s Social Media Coordinator, Lisa Miller:

It’s librarians of course! You find us all over the world and a couple of years ago this was my story. I was an Australian librarian on holiday in Jordan with a group of 15 people from various countries including…. a Spanish librarian who was working in Stockholm, Sweden at the time.

Fortunately her English was very good because my Spanish was non-existent, and we managed to find lots in common in our quite different library roles. While she was setting up a specialist library that supported scientists (or was that medical research??), I was in a state library doing web work and systems support. Our differences didn’t stop up discussing and solving the problems of librarians as we travelled the length of Jordan, floated in the Dead Sea, snorkeled in the Red Sea, took a camel trek into Wadi Rum for a night under a Bedouin tent, hiked through Petra and discovered other Jordanian treasures and sites. As you can probably imagine we were particularly amused at the common public perception of librarians being quiet people who lead sensible and orderly lives – if only they could have see us then!

Now, as I have the chance to interact with librarians across the world, without even leaving my own country, I am continually reminded of the similarities in our work lives and the issues we face even while we are in very different situations and countries. But even more than that, your participation in the ILN is evidence that the sharing, caring and support we extend to our customers doesn’t stop at work. And that strength is not something the public are even aware of – the hidden talent of librarians. ~ Lisa Miller

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  1. Dear Lisa,Just thrilled by your story, whoever came up with this idea of forming the ILN has at least made my work very easy through this interaction. Am an E-resources coordinator to the consortium that pool funds to pay for subscriptions through EIFL and INASP in Uganda for my Institution. I met ILN members in Singapore during 2013 IFLA conference and since then I have been a member.
    I really enjoy the information I get thru this network.

    • Hi Memuhu, We’re glad to hear you value the ILN. We’re thrilled with the programs growth over the last few years and love hearing from our members. Thanks Kate

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