Guest post: The day of Croatian libraries

This post comes to us from our Croatia Country Coordinator, Dunja Holcer.

Croatian Library Association, an umbrella association of Croatian librarians, and a member of IFLA and EBLIDA, through its work and actions seeks to raise awareness about the importance and role of the libraries (school, public, university, special) in the establishment and development of the knowledge society, providing of free access to information to all, regardless of their social status and education, cultural, professional and scientific development of Croatian society, language preservation and provisions for opportunities for informal and lifelong learning at local and national level.

However, the role of libraries is not sufficiently recognized, under-seen and under-valued in Croatian society. That is why the Croatian Library Association carries out a series of activities which help libraries to become recognized. One such activity is the commemoration of The Day of Croatian Libraries, 11 November, the day of the proclamation of the first Croatian Law on Libraries (11th November 1960). During The Day of Croatian Libraries attention of the whole profession, but also the attention of institutions, authorities and the general public, focuses on the historical, national, heritage, information, educational and cultural role of libraries in society through special programs prepared by librarians for their patrons, the public and local authorities.

The Day of Croatian Libraries is also marked by The Central National Ceremony which this year was held in Sisak, attended by more than a hundred librarians from all over Croatia. This year’s main theme of The Central National Ceremony was librarians and their role and importance for libraries and society or why it is good to be a librarian. – video record of the central ceremony (11.11.2014.)

day of croatian libraries

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