Stories from the stacks: Poetry in the Stacks

Photo: 'Poetry, Mosaic Ceiling (Washington, DC)' by takomabibelot CC-BY 2.0

Photo: ‘Poetry, Mosaic Ceiling (Washington, DC)’ by takomabibelot CC-BY 2.0



Today’s submission comes to us from Erin Lorandos. Erin runs a website that shares a different kind of storytelling: poetry, specifically poetry that is all about libraries. Erin shared with us the story behind her website, Poetry in the Stacks:


I actually am very interested in the interactions between patrons and staff, and what it means to use the library. I started a blog where people could submit poetry (primarily) about working in libraries, or about interactions they’ve had with patrons or AS patrons themselves. Here are is one of my poems that I’ve put on the Poetry in the Stacks blog:

Child, I was there
he said with quiet-
as he waited for me
to find for him a
of what he knows as truth,
of what history has forgotten
in code, broken by Our Boys, now
old men, waiting for us to remember
You can check out an incredible variety of poetry about libraries over at Poetry in the Stacks. Thanks for sharing Erin.
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