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This post is from Manuel Huygen, the ILN France Coordinator.

This submission is about an event that is occurring in my library and other libraries round the city: Biblio Remix. The title is explicit : it’s about “remixing” libraries. Inviting geeks, designers, fablabs, patrons, to “rethink” the library, to let ideas emerge for the future. They also have a Twitter presence.

Tell us more about the event

First, there is not “one” event, but many, I think that between the cities of Brest, Rennes and Dignes-Cavaillon-Muy (south of France), there are eight projects, up to now. It’s aimed at librarians, to help them reinvent their work, also at patrons, to help them participate in the future of their local library.

I participated in one of these eight events on June, 2014. I learnt that there are many ways libraries could evolve in the future, reacting with their multimedia environment, with the great help of local geeks and/or experimenters. I remember it as a positive experience, opening to new ways of considering the library. Putting it into practice is not that easy since it’s experimental. Anyway, it will help us redesign our “Vie du citoyen” space, on the model of existing space like the “Espace 3C” in Montreal :

Is there an event that you’ve heard of that you’d like to go to one day?

The Library 2.014 worldwide conference is promising, but I’m not sure I will be able to attend the debates, because of the time difference.

The International Summit of the Book at the Bnf in Paris is also very promising, but it’s intended for curators, and I am not a curator.

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