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The International Librarians Network participated again this year at the Library 2.014 Worldwide Virtual Conference. This is the fourth year for the conference. The online conference held in multiple time zones over the course of two days is completely free for anyone with an internet connection. We were so pleased to be a part of this important event.We feel that this conference is perfect evidence of just how dedicated volunteers armed with technology can create something truly amazing for our industry.

From the perspective of presenting at an online webinar like this one is can be a slightly strange experience at first. You have a computer screen, headphones and your script. No live audience, no direct feedback (like nodding heads or yawning) and the complete faith that the technology will deliver your presentation to the attendees. We are pretty lucky here at the ILN as there are plenty of us who can take turns presenting and responding to the questions in the the chat box. But once you get the hang of it (and have someone to remind you slow down…thank you Alyson) it is a really interesting way to connect with the library community. I’d highly recommend giving it a go next year at Library 2.015!

Below are the slides from our presentation. We hope you enjoy them


Amy Barker

ILN Program Coordinator

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