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So here’s a photo of my workspace. Well my current desk anyway.

I’ve been lucky enough recently to get a new job – still here at UNSW Library so this will only be my desk for one more week. I’ve had a lot of good times at this desk over the last three years so I’m a little sad to leave it and give my up view of the ‘mini Louvre’ (my name for the strange glass structure on the top of the walkway outside my window). But I’m leaving it to move onto a new adventure and that can only ever be exciting.

My desk is really only part of my workspace because honestly I spend as much of my week at meetings as I do actually here at my desk. But on my desk (wherever it is located) you’ll find:

  • My plants,  I love having something from the great outdoors near me so often there’s a little jar of flowers too
  • A sizable tea collection, mostly hidden in a draw (I’m a bit of a tea addict but in my defense I don’t drink coffee)
  • Cards and artworks by friends and colleagues for a bit of colour and a reminder of the great people I know
  • Assorted paperwork, I try and keep this to a minimum and only keep around stuff I actually need but it seems to grow whilst I’m not looking
  • My badger – I believe Alyson already explained the badger joke – In my case, he’s a little become a bit of an anti-stress badger as my colleagues move him around to give me a laugh if I’m having a bad day.

On the wall of my desk I have a little porcelain tag that reads: Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it. That pretty much sums up my approach to life, work and all things library. We all how the power to make the most incredible things happen, we just need to do it!

I don’t know where my new workspace will be yet, but I promise to tweet a picture of it when I move.

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  1. Hi! you have a great office. In our library we don’t actually have an office just a table allotted to librarians on their respective sections or area.
    I’m also a tea drinker, I really love the aroma of mixed fruit tea. But I also drink coffee if I’m very sleepy at work (“,).

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