ILN: Getting to know you: My workspace – Clare McKenzie

Clare deskAnd here’s my desk! Complete with official university wallpaper as I’m not logged in.

I’m Clare, one of the ILN Program Coordinators, based in Sydney. You can see I have quite a collection of cups, they all have different purposes as I drink lots of both tea and coffee during most work days. We are currently ‘Making friends with copyright’ here at MPOW so hence the giant copyright poster on my desk. My staff pass sits on my desk slope, that’s my key to the door and it’s a right pain if I go out of the workroom without it so I like to keep it where I can easily grab it as I get up. You can just see a corner of my postcard collection that covers an entire partition down the side of my desk. And yes, that’s a stuffed badger in the corner guarding my phone. The plant is looking sadly bedraggled, I do water it, I promise!


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