Discussion topic: what’s next?

Next by elkrusty http://tiny.cc/iru3yw

Next by elkrusty http://tiny.cc/iru3yw

Welcome to part two of our final discussion topic.

As we mentioned before, the end of June brings the end round 2 of the ILN. We asked you to focus your discussions on reflecting what you’ve learnt by participating in the program; now we want you to think about what your next steps are. Some questions you might want to ask your partner include:

  • What changes have you or will you make to the way you work, based on your experience with the ILN?
  • Has your approach to professional development changed? Will it?
  • What will you do to continue developing your international network?

At the end of this month your formal partnership  will automatically dissolve. However, just because the formal part of your partnership ends doesn’t mean your connection has to.  You may wish to stay in touch with your partner outside of the formal program, and if so, please tell your partner and talk about how that might work.

Finally, think about whether you would like to continue on with the ILN. We’re inviting all our participants to enrol in the next round of the ILN, to be matched with a new partner and continue expanding your professional network. We’ll be opening applications in a few weeks – if you leave your details in our expression of interest form we’ll email you as soon as they open. The ILN has grown substantially in each round, and we will be putting a limit on applications for our next round – you’ll want to apply early!

Thank you to all our program participants; we really hope to see you again in a future round of the International Librarians Network.

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