Discussion topic: reflection and review

Mirror ball reflection by AsiiMDesGraphiC http://fav.me/d3jni2j

Mirror ball reflection by AsiiMDesGraphiC http://fav.me/d3jni2j


Our current program participants have reached the end of this round of  the program. We hope that over the last four months you’ve learned something new about another part of the world, and about another part of library land. We hope that  you were able to share experiences and ideas with your ILN partner. Most of all, we hope that you gained something from your participation in the program.

For the final discussion topic we’re asking our participants to reflect on their experiences of being part of the ILN.  The importance of reflection on our professional practice can’t be understated. It is through reflection that we consolidate our learning and evaluate our activities. Training courses and professional development should always include time for reflection on what was learned and, importantly, what remains to be learnt.

We would like our participants to think about and discuss the following questions:

  • What did you learn about the library profession in your partner’s country?
  • What did you learn about your partner’s workplace?
  • What professional issues do you have in common with your partner?
  • What professional issues are different for your partner?
  • What was new or different for you about participating in the ILN?
  • What are the things you’ve wondered about throughout the program but have never asked?

As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below  and on Facebook and Twitter (#InterLibNet). So tell us,  what have you learned from the ILN over the last four months?

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