Library Advocacy & Lobbying: Libraries as advocates (International)

You may have noticed libraries as advocates in the news this May through this story:

More than 90 library, archive and research institutions from countries across the European Union and internationally, representing over 650,000 information professionals, have joined together in a letter asking the European Union to engage constructively in text-based discussions at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) on copyright exceptions for libraries and archives.

Organisations from Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Armenia, Bulgaria, Russia and Sweden, as well as Australia, Canada and Colombia, have joined with European and international library and archive associations highlighting the copyright challenges preventing international research collaboration, preservation of cultural heritage and new forms of innovation.

You can see the full story over at the IFLA website but we wanted to highlight it during our discussions about library advocacy and lobbying, because it is a brilliant example of the voice libraries can have when they work together to speak up about issues that effect libraries around the world. This lobbying campaign offers an intelligent and well researched contribution to the copyright debate and brings together libraries and library associations from around the world to speak as one.

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