Books: in and out of the news

There’s been a number of items in the news recently that directly relate to our current discussion topic of books. Here’s just a few, there will be many others, please feel free to post links to stories from your country in the comments below, to our Facebook page, or on twitter using #interlibnet:

  • It’s World Book and Copyright Day! This year’s World Book Capital is Port Harcourt in Nigeria.
  • The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) released the ELending Landscape Report 2014, identifying public library-led initiatives from around the world to secure ebooks for borrowers. The report looks at issues of access, branding, reliability and pricing among others and includes details about ebook lending initiatives from Canada, the USA and Europe
  • The American Library Association (ALA) released it’s list of the 10 most challenged books from 2013. The process of challenging and banning books is a controversial one for many people, not just librarians and every year the ALA manages a Banned Books Week campaign to highlight censorship in US libraries.
  • An article in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper last week raises the question of whether the rise of the internet and the small chunks of constantly changing information this gives us access to means we are no longer able to read long form material such as novels, particularly in print.
  • The Washington Post carried a story about a young Iraqi man who is trying to regenerate interest in reading among young Baghdad citizens by creating an informal public library in a coffee house in the city.

What’s going on in your part of the world of books?

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