Discussion topic: Library spaces we love

Photo: 'Library' CC by the Pale Side of Insomnia

Photo: ‘Library’ CC by the Pale Side of Insomnia

For our next discussion topic we’re putting the spotlight on library spaces and design.

Often as librarians,  the spaces we work in shape and define not only our library collections but also the services we can offer and even the community we get to engage with. From very old libraries to the very newest and everything in between, every library space tells us a story about how the designer of that space viewed the purpose of that library and how the librarians working in the space have brought it to life. Good library design is often about melding together function and form. A beautiful space is a wonder to behold but if it doesn’t work day-to-day then it isn’t really good design.

For this topic we would like you to think about the library spaces you love (and loathe) and what it is that makes them stand out. Some questions to consider talking to your partner about include:

  • What is important to you in the design of a good library?
  • How can you tell if a library is a functional space as well as having nice aesthetic design?
  • What kind of responses can different spaces elicit from library clients?
  • Does your library space meet the needs of your library?
  • If you could change just one thing about your library space what would it be?

A few of our favourites to get you started

Photo: "Library Stuttgart" CC by Axel Brunst Photography

Photo: “Library Stuttgart” CC by Axel Brunst Photography

To help you with a little inspiration, we’ve asked our volunteers around the globe to share with us their favourite libraries. Over the course of the next fortnight we will be sharing posts on our blog showcasing this selection of international libraries, so stay tuned.

We’d love you to share photos of your libraries around the world. So take a pic and tweet us as @interlibnet using #interlibnet or post it on our Facebook wall.

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