2014 Library Resolutions: Rozita Petrinska-Labudovikj

Rozita Petrinska-Labudovikj, Macedonia Country Coordinator for the ILN
What is one new thing you want to START doing in 2014?
– In December 2013 I defended my Master’s thesis in project management, so this year I would like to publish an article about project management in libraries in an important international periodical.
What is one thing you want to try doing DIFFERENTLY in 2014?
– In 2014 I want to include more students in the work of our library. Our students rely too much on the Internet, and I would like to engage several volunteers to work with us, and see for themselves that not everything is on the Internet – at least not for us, since we have little access to important data bases.
What is one thing you want to STOP doing in  2014?
– I should start narrowing my focus, and stop taking part in too many activities. I have realized that I can not be as effective as I would like to be when I have too many tasks to complete. So, I should learn to say no more often.
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