2014 Library Resolutions: María García-Puente

Photo: "DSC_0034.JPG" CC by Nancy Dowd

Photo: “DSC_0034.JPG” CC by Nancy Dowd

María García-Puente, Spain Country Coordinator for the ILN

What is one new thing you want to START doing in 2014?
I’d love to do new things with the community. I’m working in psychiatric hospital and I’d like to have some information literacy courses with the community about mental disorders. Mental disorders are like other diseases: they need to be treated, not avoided. And I want people to understand that these people are ill, not crazy.
What is one thing you want to try doing DIFFERENTLY in 2014?
I’ve started in a new job recently. Last year I realized that libraries don’t have the importance they had in the past. My personal resolution is to do something different and help libraries and librarians to have a place in this new society.
What is one thing you want to STOP doing in 2014?
I usually say yes to every work or interesting project i’ve been offered. I have to stop to say yes to everything and start to put more efforts in the projects I’m already working on.
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