2014 Library Resolutions: Eva Hornung

Photo by Dr. Eva Hornung

Photo by Dr. Eva Hornung

Dr. Eva Hornung, Ireland Country Coordinator for the ILN

What is one new thing you want to START doing in 2014?

One of the pressing issues here in the library is the preservation of “corporate memory”. We have quite a unique collection of historical documents relating to innovative curriculum projects in the post-primary education sector in Ireland. I find that as my colleagues retire they bequeath their personal papers, memos, minutes of meetings, and other documents to the library, but I have real difficulties in making this valuable research material accessible. Lack of space is another problem, which is why I am toying with the idea of digitising it somehow. As a solo librarian I will probably have to hand that over to others, who have experience in this and also the equipment.

What is one thing you want to try doing DIFFERENTLY in 2014?

That would be keeping a record of my continuing professional development (CPD) activities. At the moment my “filing” system is quite haphazard. I basically have a box under my desk where I throw in anything that could remotely be classified as “CPD”… Not very professional for someone who acts as a mentor to other information professionals to help them on their journey through CILIP Chartership. I am investigating electronic portfolios at the moment, which should make finding and organising events into chronological order easier.

What is one thing you want to STOP doing in 2014?

Apologising for wanting to attend CPD events. It is difficult to get away when you are the only one in the library, but without meeting other information professionals you would out of the loop pretty quickly. It also keeps you sane, especially the social side of things. Contrary to our reputation I have yet to meet a librarian who does not enjoy a night out…

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  1. Indeed the only solution is to digitize those valuable research materials as you say you lack space, otherwise you will find yourself competing for space, then the rest can be sent to the commercial records centre

  2. Hi Eva, have you tried out the portfolio section on CILIP’s new VLE? Added advantage that anything you put up there is ready for submission for revalidation.

    Hoping to get my Chartership portfolio in reasonable shape in time for the A&SL conference at the end of the month 😉

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