2014 Library Resolutions: Tegan Darnell

Photo by Tegan Darnell: Learning Lounge

Photo by Tegan Darnell: Learning Lounge

Tegan Darnell in Toowoomba, Australia

We have committed to “kill some sacred cows” and start afresh this year.

Some examples of the biggest changes are:

  • Completely ditching the structured generic Finding information face-to face classes and running on the spot open presentations within the library space on point-of-need issues requested by patrons
  • Previously we have been allocated funds based on subject funding codes for individual titles. This year there will be one funding code for all individual title purchases.
  • Starting our (official) Research Support Service and training program
  • Structured peer professional development within the Library
  • A cross-searchable Learning Objects Repository for teaching and learning resources for courses is being brought in over 2014, and it is partly being managed by the Library. We will manage copyright issues, finding appropriate existing learning resources for courses, and assisting academics with metadata creation.

Depicted in the above photo is our ‘Learning Lounge’. This public area between Faculty Librarian’s offices was filled with trolleys of books for weeding. As a group of Librarians we decided we needed a collaborative and sharing space for informal information sharing. We “borrowed” furniture from elsewhere and found a space for the trolleys.

On the table we put articles, newsletters, copies of ALIA Incite, and anything else which we would like to share. We use the space for our new research support “journal club” and also chats about issues we are having throughout the day.

It is not flash, but we “own” it and we have been making use of the space regularly.

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