Discussion topic: Meeting and greeting part 2: getting the most out of events

For the second month of the program we’re going to be focusing on how to get the most out of conferences and events.

We hope that you’ve been having fun over the last two weeks discussing conferences with your ILN partner. We also hope that you’ve been able to share your experience and expertise, learn new things, and enjoyed dreaming about your ideal conference presenter!

Conferences are fun, but they’re often expensive and involve a lot of travel and time. Many library communities run local events that are more accessible, and usually cheaper. This could take the form of a seminar with speakers, a workshop, or just a local networking event.

Some questions to start off with:

  • Are there local events run in your area? Have you attended any?
  • What was the best local event that you attended?
  • Are there any local events coming up in the next few months that you could attend?
  • What are the barriers to attending local events?

Local events can take many formats. In Sydney we’ve seen the traditional formats mentioned above, but we’ve also seen pecha kucha events, world cafes, debates and tweet ups.

  • Have you been to any events that use unconventional formats?
  • Which formats do you think work best?

The other great thing about local events is that they are usually run by people in the professional community. Sometimes they’re run by professional associations, and sometimes just by a group of people that have a good idea.

  • Who runs local events in your area?
  • Would you ever consider running a local event?
  • What kind of local event would you like to run?

We hope this gives you plenty of material to discuss with your partner, and we encourage you to share your views in the comments below. If you’d like to take the discussion to Twitter remember to use the hashtag #InterLibNet. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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