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Singapore and the World Library and Information Congress seems a long time ago now, but at the ILN we have continued to reflect on our experience and now that Round 1 is underway, we’ve even started to find time to write about it!

One of the most rewarding parts of the trip was the opportunity to meet some of our ILN colleagues in person. We started the ILN because trips to overseas conferences are usually few and far between for most people so we were looking for a way to help build international networks without having to travel. That said, face to face meetings are a special part of any conference and the WLIC was no different.

Luckily for us, there was a small group of ILN folk who were able to get to Singapore. We were able to meet Shiri, our country coordinator from The Phillipines and Winny, our Uganda country coordinator also dropped by during the poster sessions, although due to busy schedules (hers and ours), we were unable to spend much time with her. There were also a handful of participants from the pilot project, or who had signed up for Round 1 and you can see from the photo that we managed to have a good networking session!

Networking up a storm at WLIC2013

Networking up a storm at WLIC2013

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