We’re here! An update from IFLA WLIC2013

We’ve been to IFLAcamp, done some sightseeing, drunk lots of tea and after a dramatic opening ceremony, we are in WLIC2013 proper. It’s been a huge experience so far, we’ve met lots of new people, caught up with a few old friends, managed to get lost a couple of times, learned to ride the MRT like pros and eaten a lot of very delicious food.

Some of our ILN friends and supporters

To find out a bit about what happened at IFLAcamp, (as recorded by those tweeting the event) have a look at our Storify. You can also look at the notes that were taken by various participants during the event.

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    • Oh no, if only you had dropped by the poster sessions on Monday or Tuesday we were there talking about the ILN. If you are on twitter, contact us @InterLibNet during the day tomorrow and tell us where you are.

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