Mid-program survey results

Thank you to all of the ILN participants who responded to our recent mid-program survey. We’ve done some early analysis of the responses and would like to share some of them here. Detailed analysis and some indication of what we think it means for the next rounds of the ILN program are part of our poster presentation at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Singapore in August.

So, what did we find out?

  • More than half of our respondents found out about the program via twitter. Twitter remains a powerful tool for us in connecting and sharing with our program participants – this is one of the reasons we ask you to include the twitter hashtag #InterLibNet on any twitter discussions, so we can follow and join in.
  • Despite the strong twitter presence of both the program and our participants, most respondents reported using email as their primary form of communication with each other.
  • An overwhelming majority (86%) of respondents joined ILN to develop their professional network and more than half (56%) also said they wanted to support the program.
  • About a third of respondents said they are in touch with their ILN partner once a fortnight or more often.
  • Most respondents said they found the discussion topics useful. These are posted on the ILN website but are also emailed separately to each participant.

We really enjoyed hearing from everyone about how they are going with the program. Stay tuned for details of our poster session at IFLA to find out more.

Please comment below if you’d like to share your ILN experience, or start the discussion with us (@InterLibNet) on twitter using #InterLibNet.

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  1. As per with the survey result my correspondence had been email with my ILN partner, BUT just recently, having friended each other on Facebook, we happened to be online at the same time and had a real time chat between Australia and Romania in real time! It was very special and very good! A real highlight for me in the program thus far.

    • Thanks for sharing Graeme. That’s a great example of the benefit of ‘mixing it up’ and trying new communication methods. We’re going to be adding an ILN Facebook page very soon!

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