Bookless libraries?

Most of us working in libraries are increasingly working with electronic resources alongside with, or even instead of, traditional print books. The academic library sector in particular is moving away from print collections.

We came across a story today from the BBC about a new public library opening in Texas, USA that will be completely digital. 10,000 digital titles will be available to be read on computers within the library building, or on one of 100 e-readers that can be borrowed. However, library management are expecting that the bulk of the reading will be done from patrons’ homes.

The BiblioTech library is a response to a rapidly growing population around San Antonio, Texas and an attempt to meet the needs of a community who live beyond the city limits and the existing, book-based public library system.

What do you think? We’d love to know what’s happening in libraries in your sector, in your country? What is the balance between print and online at your library? Have you tried something like this? What did your community of users say? Let us know by commenting here, or join in the conversation on twitter using #interlibnet

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