Call for Country Coordinators

As the International Librarians Network prepares to transition from pilot to program later this year, we are adding some additional roles to our volunteer cohort. We are currently recruiting country coordinators. What is a country coordinator? We’re glad you asked 🙂

Country coordinators act as liaison points for each country. If you are in New Zealand, for example, and you want to know more about the program, you could speak to the New Zealand coordinator. We expect that country coordinators will have a good understanding of the professional network in their country, and we ask them to use this network to recruit participants to the program. We would also expect that country coordinators would contribute to the website and online discussions.

Click here to find out a bit more about the role, including an estimated time commitment and how to put in an expression of interest. After having a look at the information page, we would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have, just drop us a line.

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