A touch base with our pilot program participants

The ILN pilot program has been running for almost six weeks now, and we figured it might be a good time to touch base with our participants.

The most important question we have is: Have you been in touch with your partner?

If you have tried to get in touch with your partner, but haven’t received a response, please let us know as soon as possible. Many of our participants provided us with multiple contact channels, which we can use to let them know you’re trying to get in touch. We’ve had a couple of people fall out of the program and so there are a few ‘orphaned’ participants floating around – if you’re one of them we can pair you up and you’ll still get to participate in most of the program.

If you have neither contacted your partner nor been contacted by them, what are  you waiting for? There’s a new friend in another country waiting to hear from you. Spam filters can mistakenly catch these emails (mine did), so check there, and email your partner anyway.

Remember that the ILN is entirely voluntary, but the more you put in the more you’ll get out. If your circumstances have changed and you don’t feel that you can commit to a partnership at the moment, there’s no hard feelings, but let us know.

But for now, why don’t you send a quick email to your partner, just to say hi?

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