Monthly discussion: Getting started

MatchingdayOn a rainy Sydney Saturday a few weeks ago, the ILN team sat down to match up all the participants in the pilot project. This was a very exciting moment for us, sorting through all our applicants and trying to find someone from a different country that would meet some or all of their expressed wishes for a program partner. We sent out the emails giving partner contact details and waited to see what would happen.

Our excitement turned out to be just the beginning. Within an hour or so of the emails being sent out there was an amazing reaction (mostly more excitement!) among our twitter followers and contacts. We’ve captured many of those early tweets in Storify form so you can click here to see them all, but here’s a few so you get the idea:


iln tweet2

iln tweet

So, what we’d like to hear from you all in this month’s discussion is how did it all go?  What did you talk about in those first introductions, how did you introduce yourselves, what are you working towards achieving through this partnership? We made some suggestions in an earlier post, have they been useful? What else would you add?

Share your excitement with us here in the comments! If you’re not part of the ILN pilot project and would like to get involved you are also very welcome to comment. You haven’t missed out altogether –  there’ll be another round in September and you can sign up for that now by clicking here.

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  2. Thanks for linking me with @lor_rahhh, from the ever so exotic-sounding University of Wollongong Library! Hoping to share lots of good ideas, especially regarding use of social media in the library and supporting our students. Regards, @elstopbanana

    • I’m from Staffordshire University Library in the UK. Here we do lots of exciting work with social media and information literacy, and we are just piloting our new online reading list software, as well as running an open source library management system (Koha). Exotic is relative as some Swedish delegates at a Conference in Liverpool saw a bus with destination ‘Penny Lane’ and described that as exotic!

  3. Thank you so much for linking me to @JGerridgeMiller from the USA. We have exchanged a few emails so far and seem to have several commonalities and differences. We have both expressed how excited we are by this opportunity. We have shared some personal information about each other and found a few areas of connection and we have also shared a few topic ideas. We see this opportunity as ‘a process of mutual exploration and encouragement’ (quoted from Jenny herself, I felt it was a really lovely way to describe this process).

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  5. Wow!!Thanks for linking me up with my partner from Australia, we have shared a few emails very lengthy ones, we really wanted to know each other and appreciate the work we are doing. We are both from specialized libraries although in different fields, but as we keeping on emailing each other we are learning that we indeed have almost similar activities, services and challenges.

    We appreciate this Network and bringing us together.. thank you

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