Culture shutdown – a day of solidarity

This week, 200 cultural institutions from 40 countries around the world participated in a Day of Solidarity to show support for seven institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina that have been closed down due to a funding crisis with the government. The list includes art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

An organisation called Culture Shutdown was founded in January 2012 with these objectives

  1. To MAP STATUS QUO / PROVIDE INFORMATION to both local and global audience about the critical condition of cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina

  2. To RAISE AWARENESS about the structural, political, and economic problems behind the problem of cultural shutdown, showing how the ethnic conflict continues to take place in post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina within the cultural sphere

  3. To EXPRESS PROTEST against the retardation caused by stubborn ethnopolitics

  4. To provide RESOURCES / TOOLS that can be useful for cultural producers (in Bosnia-Herzegovina and worldwide) by learning about/from relevant case studies in different places

  5. To CONNECT PEOPLE (cultural producers, policy makers, activists, etc.) respecting their diverse religious/ethnic/national affiliations and based on their common aspiration for a peaceful and constructive coexistence, and thus encourage creation of a healthier civil society in the region

  6. To INSPIRE NEW VISIONS for the future of coexistence in Bosnia-Herzegovina though pro-active visionary proposals and projects

One of their initiatives was the Day of Solidarity on March 4 2013. Cultural institutions worldwide were asked to pick an item from their collection, block it off for the day with yellow tape with the Culture Shutdown logo and send a photo into the website. The result is a collection of photographs from around the world in a solidarity gallery on the Culture Shutdown website.

Are cultural institutions in your country threatened? Or perhaps your institution participated in the Day of Solidarity? We’d love you to tell us about it in the comments and keep the discussion going about this important issue.

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