Ready, set, go! Pilot program gets underway

The pilot program is just about off and running! Participants have been matched and over the next few days, we will be sending each person contact information for their program partner. While we tried to meet all the requests of our applicants for their preferred partner, in some cases this wasn’t possible. However, we ask everyone to remember that great relationships can be found in unexpected places!

The next step is for our partners to get in touch with each other. We know that many of our participants are likely to be unsure how to start building their new relationship and we’re not going to leave them stranded, so are also sending out some guidance and ideas for the first communication.

How are they getting started?

Partnerships can be kicked off in any way that suits both parties. We have suggested that some good initial information exchange might be:

  • Where you work, and what your role involves on a daily basis (remember that people in other countries might have a different understanding of job titles and jargon).
  • Your career path – how did you get where you are today?
  • Your environment – what are the issues that face your library, and other libraries in your country?
  • Your new partnership – how often would you like to be in contact, and what is the most convenient method for you?

What will they be talking about?

We’ll be sending all our participants emails on a monthly basis suggesting new discussion topics – these are optional, but are designed to help partners build a relationship.

We also encourage our partnerships and the wider international library community to participate in open discussions around regular blog posts right here. Comments are welcome from anyone – you don’t have to be signed up to the program to join in the discussion!

We are excited about the program kicking off in earnest and wish our participants all the best in their new partnerships. We hope that they learn new things, grow their professional expertise, and feel inspired.

If you missed out on the pilot program and would like to take a step towards expanding your international professional network, sign up here for the next round (beginning September) and in the meantime, join in the discussion here on the blog.

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  1. What an awesome idea this is! I have signed up to the pilot program and am excited to see where this could go… Fits very neatly into the New Professionals Network New Zealand as well 🙂 Love the idea of peer mentoring and support for new (and not so new!) information professionals!

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