The library profession is one that has a long history, and is recognised around the world. This means that libraries and librarians sometimes feature in popular culture – movies, television, comics, music, fashion. Sometimes this is great – we’re portrayed as intelligent and resourceful people, sometimes even with super powers – and sometimes it’s frustrating, […]

Photo: 'Lego Family' CC-BY  the Great 8

Are you going to be attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Cape Town, South Africa this August? Would you like to meet other members of the global International Librarians Network (ILN) community? We are seeking volunteers to organise a meet-up at the IFLA WLIC in August 2015. Sadly none of the ILN […]

Cutting Libraries in a Recession is like Cutting Hospitals in a Plague by Daniel Solis. Used under CC-BY.

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at different ways you can measure and articulate the value of your library. We’ve talked a bit about statistics and numbers, considered whether we can or should use a return on investment model, and looked at a few ways we can talk to other people about our libraries. […]

While we were preparing this discussion topic we found out that the Special Libraries Association is conducting research into how people in libraries around the world demonstrate their contribution to their stakeholders. They’ve given us permission to reproduce the following information on our website, and we’d like to encourage all our community to complete this […]

Garland Building elevator operators by Angle Torres. Used under CC-BY-NC-ND.

One of the tools we can use to articulate the worth of our libraries is the elevator pitch. This can be a powerful tool to make a quick and memorable point. The idea of the elevator pitch comes from an imaginary scenario where you are sharing an elevator ride with someone that you want to […]

Library advocacy is the ongoing process of actively influencing decisions made about our libraries. It’s not something you do once, in response to one issue – it’s something that we should always be doing to improve the way that our libraries are seen by those who make decisions about them. Library advocacy often takes the form […]

Photo: 'Hand Up' CC-BY Boris Lechaftois

Have you been a participant in the ILN Program? Do you want to extend your international network further and help us at the same time? How about joining us as an ILN Country Ambassador? Country Ambassadors (CA) are our volunteers on the ground around the world. We currently have a lively and active community of CAs […]

Today’s guest post comes from our Indian Ambassador, Kishor Satpathy, who is sharing with us some of the details of his workplace. Thank you for the contribution Kishor! I’m working as Institute Librarian in National Institute of Institute Technology Silchar located in the remote North East Corner of India quite near to Bangladesh. It is […]

Coins. Licensed under CC0 from Pixabay

We hope you’ve been enjoying this discussion topic about how we articulate and prove the worth of our libraries. Today we’re going to look at a method from across the business world. One way to articulate the value of your library is to use a return on investment model. This model has become quite popular […]

We here at the ILN like our statistics too - this is a visual representation of where our website visits have come from in the last year.

When people talk about their libraries, it’s common to describe the library in numbers. These might be numbers that describe the collection (number of volumes), numbers that describe collection use (number of loans), or numbers that describe library use (number of visits). There could also be numbers around the budget (staffing budget) or specific programs […]


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