Jacqueline is our US Country Ambassador and is lucky enough to live very close (but not too close) to her workplace. I live just about 3 km from the University of North Carolina campus, but it is all uphill on the way to work, so I take the free(!) city bus. I walk less than […]


Today’s #LibrarianCommute tale comes from our Australian Country Ambassador, Jenny Mustey: I live in a small rural community about 25 minutes from my main place of work in Echuca.  It’s a great drive each day, very seldom see a car on the way in,  the odd school bus depending on the time I leave.  I […]


Today’s commute was shared with us by Anita Vandenberghe in New Zealand: It feels a bit like showing off but I live near the beach and every morning when I head off to work I check the weather from up close over the water. One morning when I was on my way to avoid the […]


My daily trip to work involves a 1km walk to the train station, a 25 minute train trip and then a 10-15 minute bus trip. If it all goes well and I don’t have to wait too long between the train and the bus, I get to work about an hour after I walk out […]


As our new round of ILN partnerships get underway, we have been asking participants to share stories and pictures from their regular trip between home and place of work or study. Here’s a round up of commuting stories from around the world that we’ve put together here at ILN Central: In Copenhagen, Denmark, around 50% of […]

Photo: 'Roscoe considers recording a podcast' by zoomar CC-BY-NC

I spend about an hour and a half each day commuting to work at my Library. I used to read but found this difficult on full buses and obviously out of the question if I drive to work. Then a year or two ago I discovered podcasts. I love listening to podcasts on my way […]

Librarian commute 2

Karen is our ILN Country Ambassador for South Africa. This is my morning and afternoon photos on my way to work at the SABC Radio Archives. The Archives is part of the SABC Media Libraries of the national broadcaster (South African Broadcasting Corporation). I leave the house just after 6 am and gets back at […]


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